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The Club Diary page has a regularly updated list of all events, competitions, societies etc etc that are coming up in the weeks ahead. Below are the original drawn times for Club Competitions. Any amendments, withdrawals, late entries are on the Clubhouse noticeboards only.






Members must sign the appropriate sheet in the clubhouse prior to play
as a card in the box is not sufficient proof of play.


Players can pay in advance ie pay and sign in on Thursday to play Saturday and then start at 6.00am on Saturday.

This meets the requirements of signing in prior to play.


Under no circumstances can players pay and enter AFTER they have commenced their round.


British Summer Time      Strokeplay

                                                                  Greenwich Mean Time      Stableford


The Sign In sheet is available until 3.00pm on each Sunday.


Players may play AFTER 3.00pm, but they MUST have signed in and paid

prior to that time.


Once the sheet has been removed, no further entries will be permitted.


Handicaps & Competitions Committee

Nick Hawker    John Trott


Winter Pairs KO Draw 2017



The Tee and Clubhouse Diary below, also has the tee times for competitions. If you click on the competition that you are interested in, and then click on "MORE DETAILS" there will be an attachment added once the start time have been drawn. For the time being, the start time will also be posted in the old way, which can be found below the calendar option.


If you have any problems accessing the information, please email me on steve@chalgravegolf.co.uk and tell me what the problem is. This system, so long as people can access it ok, will enable us to keep more information current, and available without creating pages that take a long time to load when there is a lot of information on them.










Ladies Bring & Win Texas Scramble (9 holes)


Saturday 9 December 2017


Format:               Texas Scramble – 9 holes

Strokes Rec’d     10% of Combined Playing Handicaps to 1 decimal place.  The 2-ball pairing handicap will be combined. Divided by 2 for 9 holes.

Fee:                    Wrapped gift up to 8.00



Start Time





Karen Crane (19c)

Lorain Ronis (17c)



Becky Wilkinson (19c)

Chris Robb (20c)

Diane London (33c)


Den Brookes (19c)

Kathy Shaw (26c)

Sue Wade (26c)


Amy Crowson (13c)

Ann Nancarrow (26c)

Kathy Tabor (32c)


Cally Hawker (18c)

Anne Isaac (21c)

Kate Tilcock (27c)



         All players tee off at each hole but a minimum of 2 tee shots must be used by each player.

         The player whose ball has been chosen marks the position with a tee peg and plays first.

         The other 2 players play within 6 inches of the tee peg and not nearer the hole – the ball can be placed on both the fairway and in the rough.

         The above method of play continues until the green is reached.

         On the green, the ball chosen is marked within a putter head length (not nearer the hole) and all players putt from the same spot in turn. 

         Play continues from each chosen position until the ball is holed.

         The score is the total number of shots from the chosen spots (including the tee shot).

NOTE: if a player putts and misses but then inadvertently knocks the ball into the hole, then that score counts.


At the end of the round, the total for each hole is added together and the strokes received subtracted to give the total net medal score for the round.  The winning team will be the one with the lowest medal score.









Monthly Medals

All medal competitions are played under what is known here as "The Book System". The medal weekend is always the first full weekend of each month and players can play on either the Saturday or Sunday but not both. There is no drawn entry sheet and there is no starting time issued.


Players must sign in at the bar/shop before play and pay the entry fee of 3 which includes the 2's competition.


Players can arrange their own playing partners in this period, or if you do not have a playing partner, most players are here between 8.00am and 9.30am on either day if you need to join a group.


It is acceptable for a player to have his card marked by another club member who may not be playing in the medal themselves.


There is no tee closure for the medals played in this manner, therefore social golfers and competition golfers have equal rights on the 1st Tee to start. Whichever group is on the 1st tee first, has priority to start.


In this manner, we are able to reduce the number of times during the shorter days, where the tee is closed for competitions, and players can make their own arrangements for playing and/or adjust those arrangements in the event of inclement weather without decimating the starting sheets for a drawn tee time system.