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The Main Handicap List was updated on 1st May 2020




Please note the following with immediate effect:
Handicap Adjustments, both upward and downward, will take effect immediately following the posting of the result of a Club Competition.


Please check for any mid month adjustments on the Club Noticeboards prior to playing in Club Competitions.

All New Issue Handicaps and Mid Month Handicap Adjustments are shown immediately below. These over ride the handicap shown in the main list. All Mid Month adjustments will be cleared down into the main list at the end of each month.


In line with new EG/CONGU regulations for the maintaining of a Handicap, all players with Handicaps are required to submit at least THREE cards per year in order for that handicap to remain qualified for competitions. All completed rounds in singles strokeplay/stableford competitions will count, pairs or matchplay events do not qualify. In addition, all players with Handicaps can submit cards through the SUPPLEMENTARY SCORES system. To submit a card for a supplementary score, players must sign the Supplementary Score Entry Book which is kept in the Pro Shop BEFORE the round is played, mark the card SUPPLEMENTARY SCORE and sign it and leave it in the competition entry box on completion of the round. The card must be marked and and signed by another player. There is no fee to be paid.




The Main Handicap List will next be updated on or just after 1st May 2020


Other Club sections may have more recent updates, see section heading for latest date



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Daniel Harman





24 May 2020





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Full Handicap Lists can be viewed as a .pdf file. Please click on the links below:


Ladies April Handicap List.pdf



April Handicap List.pdf