Tuesday 24th March

Temporary Course Closure

Following the address to the nation from the Prime Minister, it is absolutely clear that the correct course of action is that for the time being, Chalgrave Manor Golf Club must close for play.

The last 48 hours has seen a significant escalation in the way that the government has increased the restrictions on our way of life. To put this into perspective, just 10 weeks ago, there was a news story of a new and unknown virus emerging in China. The spread of that virus across the globe in such a tiny time frame is truly one of the most alarming events of modern times.

In the past few weeks, golf has very much been advocated as a sport which can still be played whilst almost all others have ceased, citing low numbers in close proximity in wide open spaces, and the benefits of exercise.

But it is untenable to suggest that in the light of the Prime Ministers statements, that golf should continue to be played under the guise of exercise, that golfers should transcend the obligations that others are forced to abide by. The very simple fact that in order to actually get onto the course, virtually everyone would have to make a journey by some form of transport to do so, is evidence enough that for the time being, golf has to cease. 

Lynn and I are incredibly grateful to our small and dedicated team of staff, who have been working so hard in the past few months to keep the course and club open, and then in the past week or so, have gone even further to help keep things operating as the chaos broke around us.

I have also finally recognised the genius of timing of Peter Kay, who retired at the end of February!

We are so fortunate to have such a dedicated and brilliant team of people and I am thankful that they will be on hand again when we come through this and restart in the weeks ahead.

We are organising our Greenkeeping team to ensure that the essential maintenance of the course can still be carried out in the interim so that when the time comes we can reopen and the course will be ready for play as normal.

Finally, our thanks to all of our members for the waves of support that have been demonstrated in the past few days. Chalgrave always has been a truly unique club, and one that Lynn and I are so very proud of. 

We look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

Steve and Lynn Rumball 






Monday 23rd March



Coronavirus Update

Clubhouse now shut completely.

We had a bash at operating the "takeaway" system from the Clubhouse over the weekend and in looking back it was tremendously well supported by the club members, for which we were immensely grateful  - but that in itself is the cause of the issue.

We operated the golf course and got plenty of people out into the open, playing golf and getting exercise and maintaining good protocols for social distancing. The weather helped, briskly cold but sunny, and we managed to get competitions played on both Saturday and Sunday. 

The "takeaway" service, bacon rolls, bottles and cans of beer etc all went down well but it entirely defeated the object of what we were trying to achieve in maintaining access to the course in a safe manner. We ended up with 20/30 people in an area the size of the 2nd green, which is our smallest! When you then add to that, that the debris, the empty bottles,cans, food containers, bins, bin liners etc etc all have to be cleared by our staff, the opportunity for cross contamination is multiplied many times over. In my view, its just not safe to do this and so we have ceased the takeaway operation completely and the clubhouse is closed. Even the toilets need to be closed off (except in real desperation!) as we have to send someone else in to disinfect and sanitise everything as soon as someone has been in there.

In the continuing period, if you want to bring a flask of coffee or drinks, your own snacks etc that please do so, but please also take all rubbish away with you.

It is so sad that this is necessary, but there really is no alternative. We can only act upon the advice given to us from a scientific and government perspective and act upon it. That advice is that social distancing is absolutely imperative and I am not prepared to go against that advice and effectively be providing an opportunity for that to be happening.

Contact Details
Club Landlines 01525 876556/01525 876554
Club Mobile for text and calls  07384 113806 . 
Email  steve@chalgravegolf.co.uk



Membership Fees.

We are continuing to try and provide a safe place for golfers to gain exercise in a safe and enjoyable manner. We will maintain a minimum staffing level to ensure that Tee Times can be booked, Green Fees paid and Memberships renewed.

At this time, we need our Club Membership to support us to the hilt. The government support is substantial and welcome, but our income stream is massively down as a result of the Coronavirus. We are making every effort to reduce our overhead costs whilst we ride out the storm but there are some costs which simply have to be paid, irrespective of whether the bar/kitchen/course is operating. 

Many members have already renewed their memberships in the past few months and many more fall due in the next 6 months ahead. I don't have a crystal ball as to how long this might continue for, or how long it might be before the government change their stance that outdoor exercise is to be encouraged. If and when they do, I have no idea how long that period might last for.

I will say though, that members can rest assured that we will take into account any period of extended closure at next renewal, either through time added or renewal fees due. We will continue to honour the loyalty bonus scheme in the months ahead for renewing by the 20th of the month when your membership falls due.

Payments can be made by bank transfer, debit card by phone and I hope shortly to have an online payment option on the website as well. 

Green Fees and Tee Booking.

Green Fees for Associate Members, Guests and Non Members must all be paid at the Club or online. 

Firstly, whether you are a Full/5Day or any category of unlimited golf, or a green fee paying golfer, EVERYONE MUST BOOK THEIR START TIME IN ADVANCE.

Even if you want to play in 10 minutes time, and for 25 years, you have just jumped in the car and driven down here and wandered down to the 1st tee to start, you cannot do that anymore. You don't know who else is here and to keep those that are here already, safe and in isolation, we need to know that you are coming so we can tell you to wait another 10 minutes if need be.

You can ring us, email us, message us on facebook, its really not difficult to do this. 

Contact Details
Club Landlines 01525 876556/01525 876554
Club Mobile for text and calls  07384 113806 . 
Email  steve@chalgravegolf.co.uk

Help us to help you!!

And Finally......
Over the days and weeks ahead, I will be emailing and sending out regular updates of what is happening and how we are planning for upcoming events. Tomorrow I will deal with how we are going to try to keep the competitions going, and how people can enter for those.

Contact Details
Club Landlines 01525 876556/01525 876554
Club Mobile for text and calls  07384 113806 . 
Email  steve@chalgravegolf.co.uk












Friday 20th March




The new government guidelines have made it clear that the Clubhouse now has to close, with immediate effect. The guidelines on social distancing remain the same as they were earlier in the week and so in that respect there is no change to the opportunity for golfers to play if they want to, provided that the same strict protocols we have put into place in the past few days are observed.

Subject to any further changes to imposed restrictions that may come on a daily basis, the course will remain open for play under the criteria detailed yesterday, with advance tee booking being required by ALL golfers, members and non members.

Tee Bookings:
Landlines 01525 876556/876554
Club Mobile Text/Calls 07384 113806
email steve@chalgravegolf.co.uk

Following on from the above, the tee bookings for social golf and for the Tee for 2 Competition on Saturday 21st March 2020 and the Razz Pairs on Sunday 22nd March 2020 will go ahead as planned.

We will offer a takeaway service for food and drink over the weekend and see how that goes.

Members who have equipment stored in lockers are advised to retrieve this ASAP as we will be unable to allow access to this on an ongoing basis until the restrictions on using the Clubhouse are lifted.

Please bear with us whilst we work out how best to work within these new constraints.

Again, as a first port of call, if you are displaying any symptoms of coronavirus, you must not attend the club until you have completed the isolation periods laid out by the Government/NHS guidance.

For any communication with the club, please use the following contact points and we will respond as quickly as we can.

Landlines 01525 876556/876554
Club Mobile Text/Calls 07384 113806
email steve@chalgravegolf.co.uk

Thank you for your support

Steve Rumball



Thursday 19th March





CoronaVirus and Golf

Its still OK to play.

With the UK’s chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallence,  saying about playing golf “It is OK – if you keep a distance.” and England Golf since echoing that message, we have continued to operate and members and other golfers have continued to play over the past few weeks.

In order to continue to do this, there are a number of significant changes that we have to make for the, hopefully, reasonably short term period. These are set out in the newsletter below.The safety and good health of our staff and golfers is of paramount importance, and we need the ongoing support of our club membership in the difficult times ahead.

Stay Safe
Steve Rumball






Lets start with what we all want to do: Play Golf.

For the foreseeable future, we need to make changes to the way we play and people can get onto the course to minimise the risks of infection of others. That means as a first port of call, if you meet any of the criteria for isolation because you have a fever/cough etc etc then you should follow Government Guidelines and isolate.

Assuming that you can and do want to play, the following will apply:
Leave the Flag IN at all times. NO exceptions. .We have made short flags, so that they are less likely to get blown out and move in the wind and we have reversed the hole cups so that they are really shallow. The ball will drop into the cup but will be easily retrieved without having to delve deep down into the bottom of a normal hole cup.

Don't retrieve other people's golf balls.

The bunkers are all GUR and all rakes have been removed.

All ball washers have been removed.

The air cleaner has been switched off. The rotary shoe cleaner is still in use, we will disinfect the switch and the frame as part of our regular routines.

Keep 6ft between individuals at all times. If you are not sure how far that is, its the length of the putt you THINK you should always make and almost always miss. Although I do appreciate for some they might think that's 6 inches!!! 

ALL golf will start from the 1st tee and ALL golf needs to be booked either by phone/message/email and we will always respond confirming your start time. This is MEMBERS as well as Non Members. We are taking tee time bookings now. From Monday 23rd March we will operate a tee sheet from 7.00am onwards at 10 minute intervals.

The purpose for this is to try and ensure that we do not have surges of people arriving at the same time and having to hang around until they can start. Assuming that we can continue to play in the weeks ahead, at peak times if you are a single or 2 ball we may add additional players to your group. There are 6 tee slots in the first hour and 5 each hour thereafter. It is unreasonable to have 5 single golfers playing between  say 8 and 9. If you want to play as a single golfer, that is fine you can, but it needs to be outside of our peak demand times so after 11 at weekends or after 9 midweek.

We are endeavouring to expand our own online tee booking system to enable members to reserve their time slot online, but in the meantime you need to ring and book, and specify how many in your group. Again, if one member wants to book for 4 players I need all 4 players names so we do not get duplication of bookings for the same group..

Contact Details
Club Landlines 01525 876556/01525 876554
Club Mobile for text and calls  07384 113806 . 
Email  steve@chalgravegolf.co.uk


The Clubhouse, Catering and Bar.

As soon as you come into the clubhouse, you will need to wash your hands with soap and water. No exceptions. Our staff are regularly cleaning contact areas (door handles/taps/tables/light switches etc) with disinfectant as soon as possible after use by golfers.

We also understand that many golfers will not want to come into the Clubhouse. We will largely operate from the Pro Shop on a daily basis and so golf, food and drinks can be ordered and paid for either through online banking or contactless payments. The outside benches will be made as accessible as possible to enable food and drink to be ordered and eaten/drank outside as well as inside.

Membership Renewals can be done via online banking, card payments and by phone.

We will do all we can to keep the clubhouse available to our club members. Please be aware that these measures will mean that our staff are being asked to deal with more areas/calls that normal and that patience is a virtue! 

Contact Details
Club Landlines 01525 876556/01525 876554
Club Mobile for text and calls  07384 113806 . 
Email  steve@chalgravegolf.co.uk

Club Competitions, Members Sections and Groups 

Given that clearly people want to continue to play golf, it seems that there is no difference between competition and non competition golf amongst our members that want to play. So, for the time being, competitions will continue as normal, with one major difference. For the Razz Pairs this weekend there will be NO ENTRY FEE due to play in the competition. This will enable players to attend, make staff aware that they are here and playing without the need to physically come into the club and "sign in" if they would prefer not to. Players can call the clubhouse or confirm verbally from distance that they are here.

Subject to discussion with Club Committee going forwards, assuming that golf continues to be played, it would be likely that this would continue to be the case until 30 June or beyond. 

Seeing as no one expects to win the 30 voucher anyway, no one will miss it in the intervening period, we can all just play for the honour of being on the boards! 2's competitions will also have to cease so you can blame me when you finally, after years of trying, get a 2 in a comp and there's no payout!

The Seniors have already opted to continue to play on Tuesday mornings for those that want to do so. This also applies to the Ladies on Saturday mornings, and groups like the Molers etc midweek. All of these groups need to follow the same criteria, that tee times need to be booked, all players from the 1st with a pre agreed start time. All this enables us to try and ensure that we do not have larger groups of golfers standing about unnecessarily for periods of times. All it will take is a little bit of forethought and organisation to make this work.

Contact Details
Club Landlines 01525 876556/01525 876554
Club Mobile for text and calls  07384 113806 . 
Email  steve@chalgravegolf.co.uk








Welcome to Chalgrave Manor Golf Club



I built Chalgrave Manor Golf Club in 1992 because I believed that Golf Clubs and Golf Club Membership could be different. Golf can be vibrant, inexpensive and above all, FUN!! So can club membership!! We don't follow the normal path of the traditional golf club, we examine every alternative and think up some new ones with the ultimate aim of being better than the rest as a result!! Our staff work immensely hard to facilitate that philosophy. So, if you want to ENJOY your leisure time, pay a reasonable cost for your golf and be part of a vibrant golf club,

then come and join us or come and play here.


By the way, the Golf Course is pretty damn good as well.......   


The Club opened on 31st May 1994 and is built on almost 150 acres of rolling Bedfordshire countryside. Dropping 35 metres from top to bottom, the course with countless doglegs, sloped fairways and greens, large areas dividing holes, the course presents a challenge to all standards of golfer, with wide fairways for the higher handicapper, but demanding precision placement and careful course management for the low handicapper to score well. The greens drain freely, allowing golf to be played on them throughout the year.

Winter greens have never featured at Chalgrave at any stage of the club's lifespan.


Located just 2 minutes from Junction 11A or 12 of the M1, and the A5 trunk road just a couple of minutes away as well, Chalgrave Manor Golf Club has fantastic access from any direction, making the club a great meeting point for societies and groups, as well as attracting a solid membership base from the surrounding area. In the past 5 years, the Club has bucked the trend in golf, where memberships at most clubs are declining,

Chalgrave Manor GC continues to experience increasing demand for membership.


Notably, the golfers who have been alienated from Club Membership in the past decade, players who are only playing 20/25 rounds a year,

have found that our basic philosophy of providing high quality golf at an exceptional price,

coupled with the superb SmartGolfer Network arrangements (where else can you pay under £550 per annum and play golf at 30+ courses??), have returned to Club Membership as a result.



An exceptional deal is always an attractive proposition!!















Our new log business!!

Kiln Dried Logs, split and dried onsite here!




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New - The Online Pro Shop!!!!



If you want a product reviewed, let me know what it is

and I will try and obtain one and get a review sorted out!!


The Go Kart electric trolley




The Greenstaff update their page each month, with a look back at the previous month's completed works and a look forward to the planned works for the month ahead.

 This can been found on the GRASS ROOTS page.











Membership Categories and Fees

Unlimited Golf, No Joining Fee, No Green Fees at £545 per annum or £54.50 per month. Associate Membership, £75 per annum + Green Fees of £14.00 midweek and £16.00 weekends. Other categories are also Available.

Golf Cart

The News Headlines...

Check out the latest stories here at Chalgrave Golf Club. Steve's ongoing blog, now in its 7th year is a "must read" if only to check that you have not done something daft enough to make the pages yourself!!

Golf Bag

Visitors Golf

Non Members are welcome to come and play. Our casual green fees are very competitively priced, and we operate a Loyalty Card scheme which provides a discount off standard green fees. Sign up for a Loyalty Card now.


Social Events

The complete list of the up and coming events. From Dinner Dances to Disco's, Halloween Fireworks to Christmas, Cabaret Nights to Poker, it is all listed here


Society Golf

Golf Societies are welcome to come and play. Our group green fees are very competitively priced, and we can provide a Coffee & Bacon Roll on arrival and a range of options for meals afterwards as well from a £5 per head hot meal to a full three course dinner. Book your Society NOW!

Golf Bag

Top Golf Watford

Top Golf is a fabulous concept and extremely entertaining for all the family. We have teamed up with the local game centre in Watford to arrange some club based events and to offer you a fantastic deal for practice.

Online Pro Shop

A complete range of golf equipment, from balls, tees, gloves. trolleys etc etc. Browse through the site, email the club with your order and it will be delivered here to the club within 48 hours.


Golf Scene

Reciprocal Golf ~ The SmartGolfer Network

Full Membership here at Chalgrave also includes FREE GOLF at our linked network of THIRTY + clubs. Full details of how to book, and where to play, along with another 700 courses where reduced green fees are available under the County Card scheme.

Competition Results

Competition Results

Played well?? Did you win?? Or do you just want to know where you came?? Just click onto the link to see the results of all of the recent competitions. Players in the top 3 receive a prize voucher £30 for 1st, £20 for 2nd and £15 for 3rd.

Starting Time

Competition Starting Times

Entered a Competition and want to know what time you are off??  Take a look at this page to see the original draw for each competition. Please note: adjustments and late entries will not be shown, but you will not be moved from your drawn start time unless you ask to be moved


Club Committee

The Club Members Committee organises competitions, social events and liaises with Club Management about the course and clubhouse. The full list of the current committee can be seen in the table below.

To contact the Committee, you can email on: committee@chalgravegolf.co.uk

 New Sponsor

Our new Club Sponsor, Zebra Properties in Leighton Buzzard and Houghton Regis.


If you are a buyer, seller or  landlord, there is a special deal available to you at Zebra Properties.


Just tell them you are a member at Chalgrave Manor Golf Club and receive a 10% discount on all of their fees!!!

Bedfordshire Golf Partnership


Check out the new website of the Beds County Golf Partnership,
designed to promote all things golf in Bedfordshire






Chalgrave Committee Members



As at 19th July 2019



  Name Position Committee Yrs Date of retirement    
  John Gibson President General Committee & Finance Committee 3 31-May-20    
  Dave McGarry Chairman General Committee & Finance Committee 2 31-May-20    
  Danny Glass Club Captain General Committee, House Committee & Team Committee 1 31-May-20    
  Paul Cook Club Vice Captain General Committee, House Committee & Team Committee 1 31-May-20    
  John Trott Club Immediate Past Captain General Committee, House Committee & Team Cttee & Handicaps & Comps Cttee 1 31-May-20    
  Sue Wade Ladies' Captain General Committee & House Committee 1 31-May-20    
  Kathy Shaw Ladies' Vice Captain General Committee & House Committee 1 31-May-20    
  Adrian Purser Seniors’ Captain General Committee & House Committee 1 31-May-20    
  Colin Clough Seniors’ Vice Captain General Committee & House Committee 1 31-May-20    
  Vince Hasker Honorary Treasurer General Committee & Finance Committee 2 31-May-21    
  Nick Hawker Handicaps & Comps Sec General Committee & Handicaps/Competitions Cttee 2 31-May-21    
  Hugh Kerr Committee Member General Committee & House Committee 2 31-May-20    
  Karen Crane Committee Member General Committee & House Committee 2 31-May-20    
  Dave Ballard Committee Member General Committee & Team Committee 2 31-May-21    
  2019 dates            
  Monday 2nd September            
  Monday 14th October            
  Monday 2nd December            
  2020 dates            
  Monday 13 January            
  Monday 24th February            
  Monday 6th April            
  Friday 15th May - AGM            
  Monday 8th June            
  Monday 20th July            
  Monday 7th September            
  Monday 19th October            
  Monday 30th November            





The Club Constitution is available as a downloadable pdf file by CLICKING HERE.


How To Find Us



For the Sat Nav people, Postcode is LU5 6JN - although be aware that most sat-navs then tend to take you to Chalgrave Church which is on the North East corner of the Course. The Golf Club main entrance is on the main road, so if you have come through Toddington Village, just keep going for another 200 yards......If you came up from Houghton Regis, you should be very concerned!What chance have you got of finding a small white ball in the rough or even on the fairway if you have managed to drive past the front entrance without seeing it???


For the less technologically advanced....


From the M1......


Chalgrave Manor Golf Club is located just 2 miles south of the M1 at Junction 12, on the A5120. From the M1 in either direction, turn right at the top of the sliproad. That is as complicated as it gets. Stay on the A5120, go through Toddington Village and out the other side. The main entrance is on the left hand side of the main road about 400 yards beyond the last houses. Watch out for all the people with Sat Nav's turning out of the road from the church....


From Houghton Regis


At the traffic lights in Houghton Regis, take the A5120, signposted Toddington, which takes you down between the Kings Arms Pub and the Church. Stay on this road until you reach the Golf club, which is on the right hand side 250 yards after you have been up the very steep hill. If you have Sat Nav, the Church is always worth a visit.






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